Zombie Paintball – Ultimate Thrill and Entertainment

Zombie Paintball

Zombie paintball is a unique and popular form of entertainment. Its popularity is increasing due to its acceptability by adventure seekers as they love the format of the game. The game format is to shoot the zombies which are actors performing the character and at the same time survive to win the game.

It was first played in the USA in local parks and in no time it became one of the most favorite types of paintball like woodsball. You can find many friends around the world who offer such kinds of games and some are only designed for horror themes only.

Things you need to know For Zombie Paintball

There are a few things you need to know in addition to the basic rules and regulations of paintball. It is better to know and understand these things before starting the game. It will help you to play effectively and also provide you with the information to safeguard you. Following are some of the things you need to know.


Zombie Paintball is a scenario game where actors play the role and you need to fight against them and survive in order to win the game. The game is played in teams, the team which survives till the last will win the game. You need to shoot the enemies with paintball guns and hide when needed.


In order to play the zombie hunt game you need some equipment, some are to shoot them while others are for safety. You need a good quality paintball gun, mask, shirt, and paintballs. You can either use your own gear or use the gears of a paintball field after paying a nominal fee.


It is a physical game that can also incur injuries if you play without safety gear or if you are not 100% fit. It is better to play the game when you are ready as there is a serious risk of injuries such as hitting the paintball at sensitive places or risk of injuries clearing obstacles.

Locations and Events

You can find locations and events of zombies paintballing around the world as it is a popular type of game. There are many fields that are specially designed for such purposes such as zombie paintball hayride and Blake zombie paintball as both are only offering this format of the game and are quite popular fields.


Zombies also shot me?

No, they will not shoot you as they do not have a paintball gun. You need to shoot them before they reach the trailer. You need to survive as long as possible and at the same time eliminate them with paint pallets.

Do zombies also wear masks?

No, they will not wear masks, they will wear the specialized costume of zombies. You need to shoot the paintball but it is not allowed to shoot at their faces as it can cause serious injuries to them.


zombie paintball is a unique, entertaining, and thrilling format game. If you love adventure sports then you need to try it once, as it is full of thrill and entertainment with a horror effect. So grab your paintball gun, get ready to face the zombies, and have a blast!

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