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Why Paintballs Curve and How to Avoid it Tips Tricks

I’m pretty confident you don’t know about the paintball curve if you’re new to the paintball game. An experienced shooter is aware of the causes of why paintballs curve and how to avoid it. The ball may be curved in one or more directions for a variety of causes.

Paintballs can curve for a variety of causes, such as wind speed and direction, paintball field, paintball gun, hopper, old or damaged paintballs, or cleaning problems with the gun. You must study the article all the way through if you want to learn the causes of this issue as well as some prevention tips.

Factors that can cause Paintball Curve

There are many factors that can cause this problem. We only discuss some of the common and known ones.

Wind Flow and Direction

The most frequent cause of a paintball curving after being fired from your rifle is this. If you’re playing outside and the wind is blowing hard, it will undoubtedly impact your performance and accuracy. Due to their lightweight, paintballs are affected by strong winds in a uniform flow. In addition, cases that arrive from opposite wind directions also help to bend the ball.

It is advised to use high-caliber guns in the case of outdoor fields and try to shoot the paintball from the same direction as the wind. It is a tested trick that all professional players use while playing the game. You can test it in your next event and see the difference.

Old or Expired Paintball

It contributes to the ball’s healing, too. As you are aware, paintballs are made to last for a brief amount of time before they expire and begin to degrade. Paintball that has expired or grown old will either become hard, soft, or out of form.

how to aim a paintball gun correctly

If this is the case and you continue to use these spheres, it also has an impact on the ball’s trajectory. If your balls are worn out, you must cease using them and purchase a new set.


It is also possible that some paintballs are broken in your hopper which resists the smooth firing of balls. If that’s the case, the paintballs may finish up slightly curved after being fired.

You must clean the hopper in order to eliminate the broken balls before you can address this issue. This tactic unquestionably works and aids in the accurate targeting of the members of the opposing squad.

Paintball Gun Cleaning Issue

It is better to clean your gear, especially your paintball gun after every event. It only takes a few minutes to clean and make it ready for the next event. In case you do not clean it properly after an event and start using it in the next game there might be chances it will not work with full accuracy. It can also cause paintball curve issues, so it is advised to clean your paintball gun properly before using it.


We make an effort to go over every aspect of why paintballs curve and how you can avoid this issue. We strive to make everything clear and understandable so that all paintball enthusiasts can take advantage of it and play expertly to defeat the opposing squad.

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