Why Paintballs Curve and How to Avoid it? | Tips & Tricks

Why Paintballs Curve and How to Avoid it Tips Tricks

If you are new to the paintball game then I am pretty sure you are unaware of the paintball cure. A player who is playing the game for some time knows Why Paintballs Curve and How to Avoid it. There are many reasons for curving the ball in one or another direction.

There are many reasons for paintball curving including wind flow and direction, paintball field, paintball gun, hopper, expired or damaged paintballs, or gun cleaning issues. If you want to know all the reasons for this problem with some tricks to avoid then you need to read the article till the end.

Factors that can cause Paintball Curve

There are many factors that can cause this problem. We only discuss some of the common and known ones.

Wind Flow and Direction

It is the most common reason why a paintball curves after firing from your gun. If you are playing in an outdoor field and the flow of wind is high then it definitely affects your game and accuracy. As the paintballs are lightweight, high wind affects their smooth flow. Furthermore, cases that come from opposite directions of wind also contribute to curving the ball.

It is advised to use high-caliber guns in the case of outdoor fields and try to shoot the paintball from the same direction as the wind. It is a tested trick that all professional players use while playing the game. You can test it in your next event and see the difference.

Old or Expired Paintball

It is also one of the reasons for curing the ball. As you know paintballs are designed for a small specified period of time and after this time it expires and starts to deteriorate. If the paintball is expired or old then it either becomes soft, hard, or out of shape.

If this is the case and you are still using these balls then it also affects the direction of the balls. In case your balls are old then you need to stop using those and go for a fresh set of balls.


It is also possible that some paintballs are broken in your hopper which resists the smooth firing of balls. If that is the case then the end result can be a slight curving of paintballs after shooting.

In order to tackle this situation you need to clean the hopper so you can remove the broken balls. This trick definitely works and helps you to target your opponent team members correctly.

Paintball Gun Cleaning Issue

It is better to clean your gear, especially your paintball gun after every event. It only takes a few minutes to clean and make it ready for the next event. In case you do not clean it properly after an event and start using it in the next game there might be chances it will not work with full accuracy. It can also cause paintball curve issues, so it is advised to clean your paintball gun properly before using it.


We try to cover all of why paintballs curve and how you can avoid this problem. We try to explain it all in a simple and easy way to all paintball lovers can benefit from it and play like a pro to beat the opponent team.

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