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what hurts more paintball or airsoft

Paintball and Airsoft are the two competitive battle games people love to play in order to release their stress and feel fresh. The popularity of both the games is increasing day by day, some players take it as a profession and are earning a handsome amount of money. There is a debate among players of these games: what hurts more paintball or airsoft? We will discuss all of this part of the game, so stay tuned.

Paintball hurts more than airsoft, there are many reasons for that such as weight of the ball, fps, distance, wind flow, and many other factors. When a person started playing. They are unaware of such factors but a pro or say professional player knows all these details and uses such things to improve their gameplay.

What Hurts More Paintball or Airsoft (Detailed Analysis)

The answer to this is paintball as the impact of pain is much higher than the airsoft shot. The weight of airsoft BB is only 0.20 grams which generates .8 energy Joules. On the other hand, a paintball’s total weight is 2.5 to 3 grams which generates 10 to 12 joules of energy. These games are designed for fun with rules in order to minimize any chances of severe injuries. The impact of both paintball and airsoft is minimal; if you use protective gears, you almost neutralize the impact.

There are many factors that affect the impact of pain in both these games. For a competitive game player, you need to know all these details in order to save yourself from injuries and also use such tips and tricks in order to improve your gameplay. Following are some of the important factors that create a huge impact in the field.

Factors that influence the effect of pain

There are many factors that can influence the impact of paintball and airsoft gunshots. It is better to know these factors before entering or starting to play these games as safety is the most important part of any game. If you understand these points then you will be in a position to minimize pain impact and on the other hand improve your gameplay.

Following are some of the well-known factors that create a huge impact during the game.

  • Weight
  • Fps (feet per second)
  • Distance
  • Gun quality
  • Clothing
  • Indoor or outdoor

Sensitive Areas You Need to Care

While playing the game and fighting with enemies you must be careful about some sensitive parts of your body. You need to ensure these areas do not receive any shots from enemies. Following are the body parts you need to care about.

  • Eyes
  • Lips
  • Hands and fingers
  • Crotch
  • Teeth
  • Ears

Gadgets you Need for Safety

There are many gadgets designed for your safety while playing paintball or airsoft. It is recommended to use these in order to protect yourself from any kind of injuries. Following are some of the recommended gears you need to check.

  • Protective mask (Protective mask)
  • Mesh Mask for teeth safety
  • Jersey for body protection
  • Padded gloves for hands protection

Pro Tips and Tricks

A professional player knows how to use different things in one’s favor in order to fight effectively with enemies. Following are the things you can improve:

  • Use the wind direction cleverly. If you shoot from the opposite wind direction the impact will reduce, so you need to use it effectively
  • Distance also plays an important role. It is recommended to maintain some distance from enemies as it reduces the impact of shots and also saves you from more shots
  • Fps is also important and plays its role on the battlefield. The maximum Fps allowed is 400, but there are many low-quality guns that are providing much fewer Fps so try to select a quality gear for you


Q: Why does paintball hurt more than airsoft?

A: There are many reasons for that but the main reason why paintball hurts more is its size. The size of airsoft balls is much smaller than the paintball. The other factors that contribute to the effect of paint are fps, distance, gun quality, and airflow.

Q: Do airsoft bullets hurt?

A: Yes it hurts, but the impact of pain is minimal and you can easily bear it. Sometimes the impact is so less that you even not noticed. If you want to require the main then you need to use all the protective gears that are recommended for the gameplay. These gears will minimize the pain and help you better tackle the opposite team.

Q: Are airsoft and paintball safe for kids?

A: Yes, it is totally safe for kids. These are not firearms battle games designed only for fun activities and entertainment. You kids are totally safe if they want to play the game. On the safer side the recommended age for such games are 12 years old and for further safety use the protective gears.

Final Thought

We try to cover each and every part which is important for a player to know before entering the battlefield to compete with the enemies. After going through this article you get the answer of what hurts more paintball or airsoft? And also understand why paintball hurts more than airsoft. You can also improve your game up to a certain extent if you use the above knowledge effectively.

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