What are Paintballs Made of? | How to Make at Home

What are Paintballs Made of How to Make at Home

Paintballs are stunning and vibrant spherical balls that are used against opponents. We, as players, want to know: What are paintballs made of? Can we make them at home? The majority of a paintball is made up of two components: gelatin and dyes. Making the paint balls by hand is also a simple process that only takes a few minutes.

What are Paintballs Made of? – Detailed Guide

We need to understand paint-balls before moving on to the section about their composition and production process. The inner part and outer part of a paintball can be easily distinguished from one another.

The paintball’s outer shell is made of tough material with a structure resembling a capsule; it won’t break unless it collides with a player’s body. Also to be noted is the fact that some paintballs do not break when they hit; this is because the paintballs are either out of date or of poor quality.

The soft interior is made up of a combination of materials including calcium, ethylene glycol, mineral oil, and other substances. When the balls strike a surface or body part, the interior dye produces vibrant palettes.

Paintballs Manufacturing

The spherical balls are made in an easy and straightforward manner. There are primarily two parts to it. The making of the outer part and the inner dye manufacturing. Following are the steps you need to understand how it is made.

Dye Manufacturing

The manufacturing of the dye or mixture, which can be placed inside the paintball body, is the first and most crucial step in the manufacturing process. The mixture is made up of a few different ingredients, including mineral oil, ethylene glycol, calcium, and iodine.


The internal encapsulation of the dye mixture is the second component. A specialized machine is needed to complete the task. Empty capsule-like balls are first created using a machine and a gelatin ingredient. When the empty balls are prepared, the same machine dye mixture is poured inside them to give them the ideal shape and make them ready to play the thrilling adventure game.

The other apparatus in use is a tumbling machine, which smoothes out the paintball’s shape by rotating and tumbling. The next step is to dry them once everything is complete and they have taken on the desired smooth shape.

How to Make Paintballs at Home

These are not produced using complicated processes or chemicals. To achieve the desired results, only a few ingredients are needed, and some instructions must be followed. We will go into great detail regarding the components in order to make your own paintballs.

Following are the ingredients and things you need to start the process:

  • Food Colour
  • Water
  • Corn oil
  • Flour
  • Gelatin
  • Paintball Die
  1. In hot water, combine gelatin, corn oil, and flour. The ingredients should be mixed consistently until they resemble paste.
  2. The mixture should be poured into the paintball die, which should then be refrigerated for two hours. Once it has solidified, you must remove it from the paintball die.
  3. The paintball’s two halves should be combined with the solution or sealant.
  4. The mixture is then inserted inside the paintball in the following step. You must first prepare it with the aid of water and food coloring.
  5. Use a syringe to accurately dispense the mixture into the inner portion, and then seal the syringe’s tip with sealant.

Testing Process

The next step is to test them to see if they were made correctly after you follow the above procedure and make them at home. If you plan to make paintballs at home, keep the following things in mind:

It is required that the shape be spherical, not oval or another shape. If it is not spherical, it will cause issues during the shooting phase. Only perfectly shaped balls will fire from paintball guns.

The paintball can’t be too challenging. If it gets tougher than usual, it won’t break after shooting and will hurt more when it strikes the body. The softballs, on the other hand, won’t shoot correctly and have bristles inside of them, so it is also not soft. The size and hardness should match the one we purchased from the market perfectly.


In our effort to fully explain What Are Paintballs Made Of, we hope to have covered every pertinent aspect. Additionally, we go over the manufacturing process. If you want to manufacture them at home, you can do so by using the aforementioned procedure.

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