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Paintball in Wisconsin

Being the biggest producer of dairy products, Wisconsin is well known for its offerings. One of the most well-known team games in this area is paintball, and its popularity is soaring. Paintball can be played in Wisconsin at a number of nearby sites.

If you’re from Wisconsin or the surrounding area and want to play the game, you’ve come to the correct place. These are the best paintball play areas that we have chosen. It is difficult to choose only a few categories given the number of fields available.

Best Paintball Places in Wisconsin 2023

There are a lot of outdoor adventure fields in Wisconsin, some of the best are as follows.

  1. Battlefield Paintball
  2. Boneyard Outdoor Field
  3. Splat tag Paintball
  4. Commando Adventures
  5. Edge Outdoor Experience
  6. Jungle Cat Paintball
  7. Wildman Outdoor Adventure

Battlefield Paintball

Battlefield, which started in 2004, is one of Wisconsin’s top paintball fields. Another name for it is the “Field of Dreams.” The support staff is extremely helpful and provides detailed directions to those who are new to the game. A thorough training program is provided for new paintballers.

Battlefield Paintball

The field is located on Vold Road, and the full address is “W12151 Vold Rd, Osseo, WI 54758, United States.” Speedball, woodsball, and hyper ball are just a few of the games you can play on the 70-acre field.

Boneyard Outdoor Field

Another fantastic paintball spot, particularly for outdoor enthusiasts. The location’s address is N7333 Highview Rd, Plymouth, WI 53073, USA. The first work in the field started in 2003 and was completed and made public in 2009.

Players’ safety is a priority at Boneyard Paintball Field, so stringent regulations are put in place to protect them and prevent harm. This area is unique in that it is made for all players, whether they are seasoned veterans or absolute beginners.

Splat tag Paintball

It is a field that has paintball courts in various locations. Splat Tag Paintballs, one of the best paintball locations in Wisconsin, provides a variety of courses to its clients and gives players of all ages the chance to enjoy the cooperative game.

Splat tag Paintball

Following are some of the offers of Splat tag Paintball

  • 22 different course
  • Equal opportunity for young, kids and groups
  • Discount for groups, yearly subscription, and with own equipment
  • Night Courses
  • Easy payment option (Cash and credit)

Commando Adventure

Action sports like paintball, airsoft, bazooka, and other pursuits are popular there. Given that you can play your game to the fullest extent there, you might refer to it as the centre of amusement. The outdoor courses offer a wide range of choices, and the newcomer’s assistance is very beneficial.

The Commando Paintball Field is a well-known location for business dinners and birthday parties. Your gathering will be more enjoyable if you celebrate and take pleasure in the game at the same time.

Edge Outdoor Experience

One of Wisconsin City’s older paintball grounds. Since it was founded in 1994, adventure games have gained popularity in this region. Due to the variety of courses, it is not only appropriate for paintball, but airsoft is also commonly played here.

Groups and customers with annual subscriptions are eligible for a variety of discounts. Strict safety guidelines are in place, and new participants are supported. You can either use your own equipment or hire accessories.

Jungle Cat Paintball in Wisconsin

It was especially designed to host corporate events. It has a beautiful field with a range of courses that are perfect for paintballing. You can have fun by playing any adventure-themed game.

Both groups and individuals can benefit from different discounts at Jungle Cat. The cleanliness of the field is its best feature because the staff works hard and is always ready to help customers.

Wildman Outdoor Adventure

The resort is a common place for people to spend time with their friends and family. At the resort, you can participate in a variety of adventure activities, including paintball.

On a nice outdoor area, you can play the battle game with your family and friends. The resort provides the required equipment, such as paintballs, masks, and guns, to the players.


These are just a few of Wisconsin’s top locations for paintball. There are numerous other businesses that also offer excellent services to paintball enthusiasts. According to our expertise and user feedback, we have listed these. These organizations are reputable and have been offering players high-quality services for many years.

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