Paintball in Houston – Best Parks

Paintball in Houston

Houston is a large metropolitan city in Texas that has a total population of more than 2.288 million. There are different types of sports people love to play including football, baseball, and hockey. Paintball in Houston is a crazy game people are inclined to play. 

It is not as popular as the others games are but people love to arrange their birthday parties and family gatherings on a paintball field to enhance the joy while playing the game. Both indoor and outdoor are famous.

Best Places in Houston – Paintball Centre

Houston is a big city in Texas and has many quality places designed for paintball lovers. Some of the places are expensive but their services are also top-notch, while others are offering reasonable prices. Following are some of the best places for paintballing in Houston.

Urban War Zone

This is the best place you can find in Houston. They are a mix of quality and affordability. They are famous for events, birthdays, and corporate events. You can go and fun the game anytime as they are open 7 days a week. The following are the key features of this park.

  • Perfect for family and group events
  • Supportive and friendly staff members
  • Help beginners to start the game
  • Clean environment 

Address: 2315 Telephone Rd, Houston, TX 77023

Phone: (281) 892-1148

It is recommended to check the availability of time before physically going on the field for playing.


It is one of the largest paintball parks in the town as they have 5 different types of fields. They are providing services that strictly follow safety protocols. You can rent any gear such as paintball guns at a reasonable rental amount. Following are some of the other key features of H-Town.

  • Friendly staff members
  • Large paintballing fields
  • Reasonable Price
  • Rental gear facility at a nominal price

Address: 1500 Elton St, Houston, TX 77034

Phone: (346) 315-5401


Why do the paintball parks in Houston charge more than other cities?

There are many paintball parks and fields available in Houston. Each has a different set of features and services. The charges for all are also different. Some of the parks are charging nominal amounts while others are charging high prices. You need to check the details of their prices before starting to play the game.

Is starting a paintball business in Houston profitable?

Yes, starting a business related to paintball is profitable in Houston as it is a famous sports game and its popularity is increasing with the passage of time. You can start any business related to it such as a paintball park, field, shop, or repair service provider for gears.


Paintball provides you the entertainment you deserve while competing with the opponent team members with different types of gear such as paintball markers and spherical paintballs. We provide you with all the details you need to play paintball in Houston.

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