Paintball in Dallas – Best Places to Play

Paintball in Dallas

Paintball in Dallas is an exciting option if you love to test your tactical skills on a battlefield. It does not matter whether you are new to the game or a pro player. Dallas paintballing provides equal opportunity for all to play and enjoy the game. You can find different games such as elimination, attack and defend king of the hill, and many more. You can participate as per your skill level.

Paintball Dallas is more than a game, you can arrange birthday parties, corporate events, and other get-togethers in these parks and enjoy the game with your loved ones. You can find many arenas which accept such events and some are only designed for such events only.

Best Paintball Places Near Dallas

Paintballing is popular but not like other sports, it does not have specific leagues like NFL or NBA. There are fair chances in future leagues for paintball to start, but it will take some time. In Dallas, the following are some of the best places you can go to enjoy the game.

Ascend Paintball

It is a fun place for paintballing, as it is famous as the best place for playing paintball. They have been providing services to their customers for many years. Services and places are up to mark when you compare them with the fee they charge.

The staff is well trained and always ready to help you when needed. It is also an ideal place for those who want to start playing the game as it will help you to learn the game easily.

  • Phone: +1 469-998-2267
  • Address: 5236 Kiwanis Rd suite a, Dallas, TX 75236, United States

GatSplat Paintball

GatSplat is a famous indoor spot in Dallas, as it is famous for parties and events. People love to celebrate their kids’ birthdays, parties, or even corporate events. They provide an environment where people enjoy quality time with their loved ones.

The services are good as the staff is friendly and supportive with customers. The toilets are clean and have a good parking space. Prices are also on the lower side, you can enjoy your event while playing and shooting paintballs.

  • Address: 4720 Industrial St, Rowlett, TX 75088, United States
  • Phone: +1 972-956-5500


Are there any paintball camps or classes offered in Dallas?

Yes, paintball field owners arrange different kinds of classes and champs for new players so they can learn the game. They offer such kinds of classes regularly, you only need to register yourself in these in order to learn the advanced skill sets.

Are there any paintball tournaments or events held in Dallas?

Yes, you can find different events during the year. The paintball management arranges these events and provides information to their customers through emails or text messages. You can join these events after a subscription fee.


Paintball in Dallas is a good option to enjoy the experience of a thrilling game. You can play indoors, and outdoors as both options are available. It is recommended to check the safety protocol before starting the game. In case you neglect the safety guideline, the result can be serious injuries.

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