Paintball in Boston – Discover Best Places and Shop

Paintball in Boston

The popularity of paintball has increased recently in Boston because it is an exciting and intense sport. With so many grounds and shops nearby, Boston has turned into a haven for fans of the sport. We’ll examine some of the top paintball stores as well as the best places to play paintball.

Best Places for Paintball in Boston

Boston is a big city where you can find many options and reasonable prices to play the game. Here are some of the best options in the region.

Field NameLocationTerrainGame ScenariosPro Shop
Boston Paintball Ashland Playing Field & ProShopAshlandSpeedball, Woodsball, ScenarioYesYes
Boston Paintball MaynardMaynardUnique, ChallengingYes (Airsoft, Laser Tag)Yes
High Voltage PaintballUnknownWooded Areas, Open Fields, BuildingsYesYes
Paintball fields

Boston Ashland Field & ProShop

It is one of the city’s most visible paintball grounds. This area is known for holding some of the most intense and difficult paintball games. It has a diverse field selection, including speedball, woodsball, and scenario games. Boston Ashland also has a pro store where participants can purchase high-quality equipment and apparel.

Boston Maynard

The Maynard is another famous paintball field in the region. This field has a distinct and difficult topography that distinguishes it from other fields. It provides a broad range of game scenarios to participants and also holds airsoft and laser tag games. Aside from the events, it also has a pro store where you can buy paintball clothing and equipment.

High Voltage Paintball

It is a relatively new paintball field in the region, but it has rapidly grown in reputation among players. It includes a diverse set of game situations and terrain, such as wooded regions, open fields, and buildings. The field also has a pro store where you can buy paintball tools and gear.

Paintball Shops in Boston

In case you want your own gear and accessories to start playing the game then you can check these pro shops in the city.

Shop NameLocationProducts OfferedBrandsStaff Expertise
Paintball WizardMaynardPaintball Guns, Masks, Clothing, AccessoriesDye, Planet Eclipse, Tippmann, and moreKnowledgeable and Experienced
Boston PaintballMultiple LocationsPaintball Gear and EquipmentEmpire, Tippmann, Spyder, and moreKnowledgeable and Friendly
Paintball shops

Paintball Wizard

Is one of Boston’s biggest and most renowned paintball shops. This store provides participants with high-quality paintball weapons, masks, apparel, and accessories from top names like Dye, Planet Eclipse, and Tippmann. The staff at Paintball Wizard is educated and experienced, and they help players find the right equipment for their requirements and money.

Boston Paintball

It has three sites in the region. In addition to its fields, it has a pro store that sells a variety of paintball gear. Top names such as Empire, Tippmann, and Spyder are represented in the store.


Paintball is a thrilling and exciting sport that offers players an adrenaline-fueled experience. Boston has become a hub for paint ball enthusiasts

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