Paintball Bruises and Welts – Precaution and Treatment

Paintball Bruises and Welts - Precaution and Treatment

Paintball is a modern-day game that is gaining popularity among teens and adults. It is a physical game that requires full attention and focuses as you need to fight with your opponents, tackle different kinds of obstacles and barriers, and fight to win. The players once finish the busy day at the field and come outside with paintball bruises and welts.

It is a rough estimate that more than 85% of bruises and welts happen due to paintball hitting the skin, while the remaining comes from obstacles and barriers faced during the game. The amount of pain is nominal but it requires time to disappear from the body. People who just started the game want to know if can we prevent it, if the answer is yes then how to do that? If we can not prevent it then they also know how to treat it.

Paintball Welts and Bruises

In order to know how to prevent these while playing the game either indoors or outdoors we need to understand what is meant by paintball bruises and welts. Once we understand, we can take measures to prevent or treat it.

Paintball Bruises

Paintball bruises are injuries that happen due to the breakage of micro-blood vessels in the body. when a paintball hits the skin from a short distance, contusion or discoloration happens. The intensity of bruises varies and depends on the distance and force at which it hits the body. It occurs on those parts which are not covered and paintball hits from a short distance, which ultimately causes pain, swelling, and tenderness.

Paintball Welt

Paintball welts are just swollen injuries that occur when paintballs hit the body. It is the same as an insect on the skin. The color of that part can be red, purple, or black. It is more severe than bruises and takes some time to disappear. It is recommended to cover your whole body in order to prevent such injuries.

How to Prevent Injuries

Precaution is better than cure, we need to know how to prevent such injuries from happening. There are many methods you can use to achieve the desired outcome. Following are the methods you can use to do so.

Heavy Garment

The primary cause of such injuries which create swelling and paintball marks is paintball hitting the naked skin from a short distance. It is recommended to wear heavy material garments so the impact of these balls decreases. You can either buy clothes online which are designed for this purpose or wear your old clothes.

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If you choose clothing that is made with heavy material only reduces the impact of pain. It is a precautionary measure that helps to achieve the desired result.

Maintain Distance

It is better to maintain a proper distance while playing the game in order to reduce the chances of paintball bruises and welts. If you use this technique then you can save yourself from many paintballs which can hit on your skin with more force.

How to Treat Paintball and Welts Paintball Bruises

It is important to address the injuries immediately after being hit. If you start treating the injury quickly, it will take less time to recover and clear the marks. Once you finish the day you need to clean the area of injuries with Alcohol wipes.

Cleaning the injured areas is enough, but in case of bleeding from any such injury, you can place a bandage on it. Furthermore, If the paintballs hit on sensitive parts which are creating severe pain then you can take some pain killer for relief.

Welt injuries require less time than bruises. The impact of these injuries is not much and only requires a few days to clear the marks from the body.


The pain from paintball bruises and welts is not much, one can easily handle the pain. The injuries require a few days to fully disappear the marks. It is better to take precautionary measures such as wearing heavy-material clothes.

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