Paintball Anodizing – Gun Anodize Service

Paintball Anodizing - Gun Anodize Service

Paintball anodizing is an electrochemical process to make the guns more durable, custom-designed, and corrosion free. The process is simple which ultimately increases the lifespan of your gun’s life and at the same time makes a unique feeling.

If you do not like the color of your gun or the color you want is expensive then you do not need to worry as you can design your guns as per your need and requirement with the help of the paintball anodize process.

Paintball Anodize

The process of paintball anodizing is to simply convert the metal, especially the aluminum material of guns into a solid and durable material. The lifespan of anodized paintball guns is much higher than the other guns for paintball available in the market and online.

Why You Need to Anodize Paintball

There are many reasons for paintball anodization. Some want it due to corrosion others want to give a fresh look and unique design. Following are some of the reasons a paintballer wants to anodize.

Color Change

If a paintballer wants to change the color, either he does not like the color of the gun which he recently purchased or he became bored using the same colored gun for a long time. In that case, he has two options either purchase a new gun or anodize the old gun and color it as per his liking.

Custom Design

If you want to make the design of your marker unique in order to differentiate from others and create a good impression on others. There are many kinds of options available to make the marker unique in design. The options include hydro-dipped, spray paint, and anodize. The best option is to make guns unique in low-budget anodization.

Corrosion Free

If you want to make the marker corrosion free and increase its lifespan then you do not have a better option than anodizing the paintball. The process is simple and cost-effective. You can increase your life and also make it new with little effort.

Can Your Paintball Gun Be Damaged From Anodizing?

Yes, your paintball gun can be damaged if not done professionally. The process of anodizing the markers is simple and easy but it needs to be done professionally by experienced professionals who have been doing such kinds of services for a long.

It is recommended to go with professional service providers who are doing anodizing services for a long period of time. There are high chances of damage if you choose a new service provider.

How much does it cost to anodize a gun?

The cost of anodizing a paintball differs from the model of markers. The average cost of anodizing is $300 to $500. If a service provider is new then the cost will be much less than this. But a professional who is doing such kinds of services for a long will charge you in this price bracket range.

What are the disadvantages of anodizing?

It is not right that anodization does not have any kind of disadvantages. There are a few disadvantages to doing so. Following are some of the few known cons you need to know.

It is a costly procedure. If you want to make the marker unique then the cost of doing so needs to be borne also. You can purchase some entry-level guns at the same cost.

Limited Color options are available only. If you want to anodize your old gun in order to avoid purchasing a new one then you need to compromise on the color option as you can not find a good option of colors. You need to select one color from the available options.

Damage chances are also present in the service provider. You need to go with a reputable anodizing service provider.


Paintball anodizing is a good option in case you do not want to purchase a new gun and want to custom-design the old gun. The process is simple and increases the life and beauty of your marker, but the prerequisite is that it needs to be performed by a professional, not a newbie.

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