Is Paintball Dangerous? – How to Avoid Injuries

Is Paintball Dangerous - How to avoid Paintball Injuries

It is a safe game and its acceptability is increasing at a rapid pace. There are many misconceptions about this, and people’s inquiry is paintball dangerous. These are totally baseless.

A professional player can provide you with all the details about this competitive game. We interview many professionals and all agree on the point that it is totally safe. The injuries reported are those which happen due to obstacles and in case you are playing without safety gadgets.

Is Paintball Dangerous or Not?

It is totally a safe game to play. There are many reports and physicians that declare it a safe and healthy activity. The report of 2003 U. S. The Consumer Product Safety Commission declared it a much safer sport than others.

The Healthcare Research and Quality agency reported that in 2008 the total no of injuries with Emergency Department admission happening with airgun sports was only 614. That clearly indicates this game is not dangerous.

Why Injuries Happen

The game itself is totally safe, but there are many injuries that are reported while playing. The primary reason for these injuries is playing without the safety gadgets such as masks. If you are playing without a mask there are high chances. It is recommended to follow the rules and wear safety gear.

Following are some of the common injuries reported.

  • Eye Injuries
  • Contusions
  • Ear Injuries
  • Concussions
  • Cuts and Abrasions
  • Ankles twist
  • Genital Injuries
  • Respiratory problems
  • Vision Problem
  • Asthma
  • Anxiety
  • Organ Injury

How to Avoid Injuries While Playing Paintball

The primary reason for injuries is playing without safety gear and not following the rules of the game. If you wear all the gear and properly follow the rules then there are minimal chances. There are different types of safety gear you need to wear before playing the game. Following are some of the common gears you need.

Mask: It is the most important product which saves your eyes, ears, nose, and face from potential injuries. It is advised to buy the best paintball mask.

Knee Pads: It is also important as you need to go through different obstacles and follow your enemies. Protecting your knee will give you the freedom to play without any worry.

Jersey: Some professional players highly recommend wearing a jersey in order to protect your body from gunshots.


Q: Can paintballs make you bleed?

A: No, there is no chance of bleeding if a pallet hits your body. There is slight pain you feel when it hits your body and after some seconds the pain also ends.

Q: Can you get injured playing paintball?

A: Yes, there are chances of injuries if you do not wear safety gear. If you follow the rules then injury chances are minimal.


After going through this article we hope you get the answer, is paintball dangerous? We cover all the details and different healthcare agency reports to support our findings. It is a safe and healthy sport to play.

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