How Much Do Pro Paintballers Make – Professional Players

How Much Do Pro Paintballers Make - Professional Players

We all know paintball is a fun game, and people play it to relax and enjoy themselves. But did you know some people play it professionally? Yes, it is true that one can play it as a profession and earn from it. A question comes to mind next: How Much Do Pro Paintballers Make?

Paintball is a team game, and its popularity is increasing at a rapid pace. Professional players earn a handsome amount of money while playing the game. The amount is not as high as that of other game players, such as basketball players, but the amount is enough to run your home.

How Much Do Professional Paintballers Earn

A professional paintballer who is the best in the field can earn money from different segments. We will discuss all those segments that provide an income source for a paintball pro. The following are some of the most common professional income streams:

Salary of Paintball Player

The main source of income for professional paintballers comes from salary income, which they receive from team owners or paintball clubs. Each person’s contract is distinct from the next. There are many factors that determine the contract and the amount of money. Following are some of the key factors that affect the contract and the amount of money a player receives.

Player Skill Set

The skill set of the players is important in determining how much a player can earn from playing paintball professionally. The other individual factors contributing are:

  • Personality charisma
  • Popularity
  • Media management


You can also earn money through sponsorship; the amount of sponsorship depends on the brand, the reputation of your club and team, and your fan base. The sponsorships are not as big as those in other sports, but you definitely earn a handsome amount from this section as well.

Awards and Winning Bonus

A player receives something after playing a game, either winning or losing; some call it a match fee, but it depends on your contract. There are other bonuses and awards that a player receives after winning the game. There are different types of awards you can receive such as

  • Cash Prize
  • Safety gear such as paintball masks
  • Paintball Guns and Equipment

As it is a team game, all the rewards and bonuses are pooled together and distributed among all team members.

Other Options for Earning

A professional player has a few other options for earning money. Following are some of the options

  • Facebook Page
  • Youtube channel
  • Brand ambassador of a particular product related to the game

Salary of Paintball Players – How Much they can Earn

It is the main part of a professional player’s income, as the other sections of income can increase or decrease as per the performance or winning of the team, but the salary remains unchanged. A player receives the full amount of his salary as per the contract with that player.

The salary of a player depends on many factors including

  • Team Reputation
  • Club
  • Players Skill
  • State/Country

Following are some rough estimates of professional players salaries in different states


The average salary of a player living in Wisconsin is around $40000 to $50000. It should be noted that there may be opportunities for a higher or lower salary than that specified.

New York

The average monthly salary of a paintballer in New York is $4000. You can estimate your salary based on your skills and fan base.


Alaska is a beautiful city, and people love to play paintball, as it is one of the most popular team games in the city. There are many players who play it as a profession. The average monthly salary in Alaska is $4,500.

Can we Choose Paintball as a Full-Time Career?

The average salary of professional players around the world is $4000. Furthermore, he can earn sponsorships and other bonuses. If you have advanced skills and the confidence to build a large fan base, playing professionally full-time is an excellent option.


A professional paintballer’s average salary is around $4000, plus other benefits. There are many factors that directly influence the money and rewards of a player, such as geographical location, team reputation, fan support, etc. You can play it as a profession and earn a reasonable amount of money from it. Hope after reading this article you get the answer, How Much Do Pro Paintballers Make.

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