How Bad Do Paintballs Hurt – Safety Guide

How Bad Do Paintballs Hurt

Paintball is one of the most papular team competition games, its popularity is increasing at a rapid pace. It is an exciting team game, but do you know How Bad Do Paintballs Hurt? The pain impact of paintball depends on many factors such as distance, speed, and paintball gun modal.

It is very important to enter the paintball game field with all the safety gadgets which are recommended to wear while playing the game. You feel light paint and sensation when a paintball hits your body and the pain lasts only a few seconds but the prerequisite is that you must wear safety gadgets.

Factors That Determine How Bad Do Paintballs Hurt

There are many factors that determine How badly Do Paintballs Hurt. You need to know all these if you are a paintball player or have an interest in this team competition game. A beginner paintball player must read this article till the end.

Paintball Quality

The quality of paintball is the most important factor that determines How Bad Do Paintballs Hurt. You need to pay attention to this section as a paintball player. There are different types or say different qualities of paintball available in the market. One is low price and inferior quality with a hard shell and on the other hand higher price paintballs with a softshell. It is recommended to choose soft-shell paintballs.

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Softball paintballs are of higher-quality that and break easily when hitting the body and make less pain. In most paintball tournaments the recommended paintball is softshell. The complex shell paintball requires more time and effort to break while hitting the body part, which ultimately creates more pain impact.

Paintball Hit Frequency

The impact of paintball hitting also depends on the number of times a paintball hits you. A good paintball player always finds ways and tricks to avoid. The less no of times it hits you, the less pain is on the lower side, and when it hits more the pain impact is also high.

Distance of Paintball Shot

The distance of paintball travel also determines How Bad Do Paintballs Hurt. If the paintball travels a long distance to hit the enemy’s body, then the impact of pain is much less than when the opponent hit you from a short distance.

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It is important to maintain a proper distance from the player of the opposite team, it will also help you in your gameplay.

Body Where Get Hit

The impact of pain also varies on different body parts. If the paintball hits on the soft part of your body the pain will be less and when it hits on the harder part where the fat is less pain is much higher.

Hit on Bare Skin

Yes, a paintball hit on the bare skin of the body hurts more than the shot when it hit on the protective part of the body. It is therefore recommended to wear all the protective gear while playing.

Tips – How Bad Do Paintballs Hurt

The pain from hitting is not of a higher level, but if you still want to reduce the impact, then it is possible if you follow these tips to reduce pain impact.

Paintball Mask

It is the most important and top-priority protective gear for paintball. It is the must-have gear you need to wear before playing the game. The paintball mask protects your eyes, nose, and ears and also provides clear vision to fight against your enemies.

Wear Protective Gear

It is an important part of the game and it is recommended to use all those protective gear while playing paintball. These gadgets are designed for the safety and security of players. If you do not wear this gadget such as a paintball mask then the impact of pain will be much higher and can also result in serious injuries.

Paintball Jersey

A Paintball jersey is the second most important protective gear for paintball after the paintball mask. It protects the upper part of your body and reduces the impact of paintball shoots on your body. It is recommended to wear a high-quality paintball jersey that has good ventilation.

Paintball Footwear

You need quality and comfortable footwear for playing paintball. Quality, protective and comfortable footwear will help you to chase your opponents effectively and also can reduce the impact of pain.

Groin Cup

It is a less famous and not common protective gear, but it is equally important as other safety gear. It is recommended to wear high-quality and comfortable groin cup protection while playing the game.

How Much Do Paintballs Hurt?

The answer to How Bad Do Paintballs Hurt? Is difficult because the level of pain differs for different individuals. The paintball pellet travels with a max speed of 200mph and definitely creates an impact on your body while hitting. The impact of the pain varies on different parts of the body when it hits on soft or says where there is more fat the pain will be less, on the other hand when it hits on less fatty areas of the body the pain is slightly higher.

Can Paintball Causes Bruises?

Yes, paintball can cause bruises. Mostly you feel a slight sting when a paintball hits on your body. The pain from such paintball shooting wipes out after some time, but on the rear occasion, a paintball hit can cause bruises. This can happen when a paintball hits from a short distance and hits on that part of the body that is not protected by gears.

How Does Getting Hit by a Paintball Feel Like?

The impact of paintball is not of extreme level. There is only light sensation and pain on the body when it hits. The pain will not last long. It is recommended to use safety gadgets and also use high-quality paintballs with soft shells and also the recommended paintball guns.


We try to cover all the detail about How Bad Do Paintballs Hurt and discuss different factors which determine the impact of pain. In the end, we also cover the step you can take to reduce the impact of paintball pain. You need to follow these tips and use all the recommended protective gear in order to protect yourself from any kind of injury.

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