Do Paintballs Expire? | How Long Do Paintballs Last?

Do Paintballs Expire

Yes, paintballs do expire after a set period of time. It comes with an expiration date and you need to use it in between such periods. After it expires the shape changes due to the moisture it absorbs. There are many behavioral changes that happen due to expiration. One is Paintball’s Curve.

Now the question arises can old paintballs which are expired be used or not? The answer is simple. No, you can not use old balls which are already expired. After a certain set period of time, these spherical boxes filled with paint change their shape and size due to the moisture they absorb. If you use these paintballs, you can not get the desired result.

What Problems Can Old Paintballs Cause?

A new player who just started playing the game thinks these balls are designed with such a material that is long-lasting and one can use it after a long period of time also. But the reality is slightly different. These colorful balls are designed with material that starts to deteriorate after some time. That’s why it came with a useful time duration mention. After that time there are many problems that we will discuss in detail.

Paintballs lifespan

Temperature Effect

The temperature creates a huge impact on paintball. In hot conditions, the body became softer. Furthermore, the cold weather made an adverse impact and the balls started to brittle.


It is important to store the balls in a clean and dry place. In case a paintball became wet the shape of the spherical box became smaller. If that is the case you need to check and test these balls before entering into an event. If the ball broke perfectly after it hit and without Paintball’s Curve then you can use otherwise it is better to avoid using it.

Low-Quality Paintballs

These are much lower in quality and start deteriorating than the others which are made with quality materials. You need to store these with more care and try to use them within the specified time period before expiration. If you find these as out of shape you need to stop using them.

How Long Do Paintballs

Divots or Harder Balls

Sometimes if it is not stored properly it starts deteriorating and you can see divots on these balls which is not ideal to play. On the other hand low graded or after the expiration the balls become harder and stop breaking after the fire, which makes these also useless.

How Long Do Paintballs Last?

The estimated average life of a good-quality paintball is 3 to 4 months. It is the time that manufacturers and shop owners claim. But professional players have different opinions, they say a good quality ball can last between 6 to 12 months if stored properly. Furthermore, they also claim that you can use these balls within one year but the performance of these deteriorates with time. It is better to buy in less quantity which you can use in between 4 to 5 months.

How to Store Paintballs for the Long-Term

If you store the paintball properly you can easily increase the shelf life up to some extent. It is recommended to store them in a cool or moderate environment and save the balls from direct sunlight.

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Furthermore, in the hot season, you can pack the ball carefully and store it in a freezer. Such techniques also increase life. Some professional players said that they increase the shelf life of their paintball by up to 1 year using this technique.

How to Tell if Your Paintballs Have Gone Bad

There are many signs which indicate provide you the answer of Do Paintballs Expire, your paintball expires and is not good for use or it is deteriorating with the passing of time. If anyone has the following sign you notice in your pack of balls, then it is time to go for a new pack of paintballs. Following are some of the commonly found signs:

  • Dimpled shape body
  • Egg Like shape
  • Old Paintball
  • Unable to pass drop test
  • Hard Body


We try to cover each and every detail related to Do Paintballs Expire. We can say with confidence that after going through this article you are in a position to determine How Long Do Paintballs Last? And also know different tricks which can increase the shelf life of paintballs.

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