Best Paintball Tanks – Top Pick HPA and CO2

Best Paintball Tanks

When someone first begins the game, renting paintball equipment, such as markers, is a good choice. However, once you get past the beginning, you feel the need to move on to better options, which rental accessories do not offer. Your performance and chances of winning the game are unquestionably enhanced by picking the best paintball tanks.

There are numerous types available on the market, but only CO2 and HPA paintball tanks are considered high-performance. We tested and shortlisted the best-performing thanks for this article. We discovered that the Empire Basic is the best paintball tank because it is affordable and has a high-performance rating.

Best Paintball Tanks – Top CO2 and HPA

There are many options for new tanks with various features and price points, but not all of them perform well in battle. You need to check the available options carefully in order to pick the right one for you.

Following is a list of the four best-performing paintball tanks that pass all the tests our team performs in varying game events.

Empire Basic – Best Carbon Fiber Paintball Tank
Ninja Basic – Compressed HPA Tank for Paintball
Tippmann Basic – Best Paintball Air Tank

Empire Basic – Best Carbon Fiber Paintball Tank

Empire Basic - Best Carbon Fiber Paintball Tank

In terms of quality and price, it is among the best options. You cannot find a better option at this reasonable price range. The tank has a volume of 48 cubic inches and a pressure of 4500 pounds per square inch, providing the standard output pressure of 800 psi.

It is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, which offers durability and safety. The basic purpose of any tank is to provide consistent flow, which is a plus for this gear. Due to its high performance, you can find this kind of tank on the guns of professional players.

  • Tank pressure capacity of 4500 psi
  • Output pressure 800 psi
  • Aircraft-grade material used
  • Air leakage in few pieces

Air leakage was the only issue we found with this tank. A few people have complained about the leakage problem, but aside from that, it is the ideal choice for a paintball player.

Ninja Basic – Compressed HPA Air Tank

Ninja Basic - Compressed HPA Air Tank

It is the best choice for paintball players. You need to invest some additional money, but the results justify the high cost. It is an HPA tank made for competitive paintball players. Its constant PSI outflow pressure justifies its high cost. The tank’s dimensions are 8 x 4.45 x 4.41 inches, and it weighs 1.14 kg.

It is a modern-day tank used in paintball guns. You can not find a better option in this price range. It is a lightweight option as the total weight of the gear is only 1.14kg which is super easy to handle during the game.

  • Lightweight HPA tank
  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Few defective pieces reported in earlier production

It is difficult to find any fault in this paintball tank as it is professionally designed. The only thing that has been noticed is that a few defective pieces have been delivered to customers. However, you can deal with this problem because your product comes with a warranty that you can use if you discover any faults with your tank.

Tippmann Basic – Best Paintball Air Tank

Tippmann Basic - Best Paintball Air Tank

Tippman is a well-known company that sells high-quality paintball-related equipment, including paintball guns, tanks, and other accessories. Tippman Empire is the best option in air-compressed tanks, with a tank capacity of 3000 PSI and an output pressure of 800 PSI.

In relation to the quality of the equipment, the price of this tank is excellent. It’s what you might describe as a high-performance, low-cost paintball tank. The weight of the Empire Basic is 1.39 kilograms, which is not bad for the biggest paintball tank. It comes in a black color, which is good to match your gun and accessories. You can easily refill it using the nipple, a scuba tank, or an air compressor.

  • Quality air tank of 3000 psi
  • Lightweight ( 1.39 kilograms )
  • Budgeted air tank for paintball
  • Refilling is difficult of new users

The obvious disadvantage of this paintball tank is the filling process. You need to fill the tank once you receive it, as it will not come filled. The only challenging task for novices and first-time users is filling the tank; aside from that, it works flawlessly in any weather or condition.

Buying Guide – Best Paintball Tanks

Paintball tanks give markers the maximum pressure they need to fire paintballs far away. There are different types of tanks with different sets of features; you need to choose the perfect one for your event in order to enhance your gameplay.

Things You Need to Know

Before purchasing a high-quality tank for your paintball marker, there are many things you should know. You need to spend some time on that, as it is an important part of your paintball gun. You cannot fire at the required rate and with the required accuracy without a suitable paintball tank.


There are only two primary types of tanks on the market; information about these tanks is provided below.

HPA Tank: It is a compressed air tank, which is portable and has sufficient pressure to accurately fire the paintball. Durability is yet another advantage of this tank.

CO2 Tank: This is low-cost equipment that is also environmentally friendly. The only drawback of this gear is its weight. It is much heavier than the HPA.


The final cost of the product is determined by the tank’s material. A high-quality product will cost more than one made of inferior materials. There are only two types of materials used in the manufacturing of tanks: aluminum and carbon fiber.

Aluminum tanks are cost-effective and have 3000 PSI

Carbon Fiber is lightweight and has 4500 PSI

Weight and Size

A tank should be of a reasonable size and weight. It is a competitive team game, and you need to carry different accessories and fight for hours on the game field. A lightweight and small-sized tank will make you feel like you can easily move and fight without fatigue.

An ideal size for beginners is 50–4500, and for professionals, 68–4500 is recommended.


When choosing a paintball tank, durability is a crucial factor to take into account. Your ultimate objective when investing in these gears is for them to last for a very long time.

The material that was used to make the product has a direct impact on its durability. A higher-quality item lasts longer than a lower-quality item. You need to make your decision smartly.

How We Choose

Prior to deciding on the top paintball tank, we tested and examined a number of variables. Following are some of the key factors that influenced our choice:


Our decision to shortlist a product is heavily influenced by its performance. All of the items on our list above are in good working order, and customers are happy with them.


A product’s success depends on its durability. It is made with premium materials, ensuring a long lifespan. Since all of the products are doing well and have many satisfied customers, you can choose any one of them based on your preferences and budget.


The product’s price is crucial as well. The products we mention in our list of the best tanks for paintball have a reasonable price. When you compare the features of the product, the price is equally justifiable.


Q: How do I attach the CO2 tank to the paintball gun?

It is simple and easy to attach and detach the paintball tank from the marker. The o-rings must be examined before you attach the tank. Because they are essential, o-rings that are damaged pose a serious issue. After checking the o-ring, attach the tank and roll it until it is tight. All done, it is now ready to use.

On the other hand, when you want to remove the tank from the paintball marker, you must start rolling backward while firing a few paintballs to let the air that has accumulated between releases be released. After a few shots, you can begin rolling and easily detach the tank from the paintball gun.

Q: How do I use a scuba tank for paintball?

Yes, you can play paintball while using a scuba tank. You can easily fill the tank and use it as a standard paintball tank by using a scuba tank filler with 3000 PSI. The tank filler can refill the scuba tank more than 16 times.

Q: How long are paintball tanks good for?

Paintball tanks must either be hydro-tested or replaced after a specific amount of time. You can find out How long do paintball tanks last after learning the date of manufacture? The date of manufacture is written on it. You need to either replace the tank after 4–5 years or hydro test.

Q: How do I dispose of a paintball CO2 tank?

The CO2 paintball tank needs to be disposed of carefully. It cannot be put in a trash bag. It might still contain CO2 gas in the tank, which should be properly disposed of, or it could be hazardous. You must dispose of the tank as household hazardous waste once it has served its purpose.

Q: How do I read the paintball tank hydro date?

All tanks have a manufacturing date and a useful life of 3–5 years. After that time period, you need to go for a hydrotest.


These are important and play a key role in your performance. You need a high-end tank for professional performance, which is why we provide a detailed review of the best paintball tanks available on the market. You are free to select anyone you want, but it is recommended that you read the buying guide tips before settling on a perfect one.

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