Best Paintball Hopper and Loaders – Electric and Powerful

Best Paintball Hopper and Larders - Electric and Powerful

Paintball hoppers are an important component and impact greatly on your gameplay. It holds up to 200 paintballs before loading them into the chamber. It is a difficult task to find a compatible loader that enhances your game, to help in this matter our team tested a few hoppers and found Virtue Spire is the best paintball hopper.

Paintball loaders can play a key role in your game’s performance. If it allows you to load paintballs into the chamber without jamming and refill with ease, it will undoubtedly improve your game.

Top Paintball Hoppers 2023

There are different types of paintball hoppers available on the market; some are entry-level, while others are specially designed for professional players. One must select an appropriate loader based on their skill set and gun requirements.

Following are some of the best-performing paintball loaders of 2023

  1. Virtue Spring – Electronic Loader
  2. Maddog – 200 Round Hopper
  3. Empire – Regular Hopper


Virtue Spring Electronic Loader
Maddog 200 Round HopperEmpire 200 Round Regular
Capacity200+ rounds200 rounds200 rounds
Loading MechanismMotorized springGravity-fedGravity-fed
BatteryRequired (Not included)N/AN/A
Feed Rate12+ balls/sGravity-fedGravity-fed
Weight0.54 kilogram0.13 kilograms0.14 kilograms
Compatible with markersMost electronic markersMost markersMost markers

Virtue Spire – Best Hopper for Paintball

Virtue Spire - Best Hopper for Paintball

It is a next-generation loader, which is much more advanced than the other options available on the market. It is designed with superior-quality material, which provides durability. The load capacity of the hopper is 200 paintballs, and the total weight of the device is only 0.54 kilograms.

It is a reported fact that professional teams that win most tournaments use VirtueSpire. There are many pro features, such as 3-eye feeding, proactive logic, and extended battery life. It is a kind of hopper that ensures zero jams or pulses, which ultimately increases the level of play.

  • Lightweight Loader
  • 3-eye Feeding
  • Proactive Logic
  • Dry Fire

The only drawback reported by a few users is dry fires. According to reports, firing paintballs at an angle causes them to stop working and eventually causes the gun to dry fire. The issue resolves when you change the angle of the gun.

Maddog – Best Paintball Hopper Under 100

Maddog 200 Round Hopper

It is a gravity-fed hopper, which means you do not need any batteries to run it. The loader is designed in accordance with the demands of consumers. It is compatible with all paintball guns. It can hold up to 200 paintballs of 0.68 calibers and fire without jamming.

The total weight of the Maddog 200 is only 0.13 kilograms, making it a super lightweight loader for paintball. The materials used are also of durable quality. It also has a splash-proof flip option that allows for quick refilling. The price tag is also on the lower side as compared to other paintball loaders.

  • Caliber size of 0.68
  • Lightweight (0.13kg)
  • Capacity of 200 balls
  • Entry Level

The look of the hooper is not stylish as compared with other options. It is an entry-level loader that you can use on all kinds of paintball guns. A more expensive option is available if you want a more modern hooper.

Empire – Best Paintball Hopper Under 50

Empire - Best Paintball Hopper Under 50

Empire is the best option, with better features and a reasonable price tag. It holds up to 200 paintballs at a time, which is perfect for a professional player. It is made with high-quality polymers, which ensure durability. The total weight of the hopper is 0.14 kilograms, which makes it a lightweight hopper.

Empire is famous for providing quality paintball gear, and the hopper quality is also much higher than the others. It is a lightweight and perfect design that requires only seconds to refill the hopper again with paintballs. The loader is available in black, which makes it easy to match any kind of paintball gun.

  • Lightweight
  • Load up to 200 paintballs
  • Adjust with all type of guns
  • Lifespan is short

It is an entry-level paintball hopper that has all the features a normal player would want. If you have an expensive paintball gun that requires a faster firing option, you can go with other options suitable for that gun.

Buying Guide

The paintball hopper’s main purpose is to provide paintballs to the marker at a fast pace. You cannot imagine shooting more than 15 balls per second without the help of a hopper. Many things you should know, and some important things to look for in a hopper before purchasing one for your paintball event.

Things You Need to Know

There are many things you need to know if you love playing competitive team games. For a beginner, it is important to know all these details, as they are all important and play a vital role in your gameplay.

Material Quality

There are different types of hoppers available on the market; some are designed with high-end materials while others are made of low-quality materials. You must understand that this is the most important section and that it will ultimately determine your grade.

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It is not a bad investment if you go with an expensive hopper that provides more speed and power to your marker. The end result of selecting a high-quality product is that it significantly speeds up the shooting process, allowing you to shoot up to 30 paintballs in a second with the help of a high-end hopper.


Paintball jamming is a common problem a player faces during the game and can adversely affect her performance. If a hopper jams at a crucial stage of a paintball game, it completely changes the scenario of the game. There are a few anti-jam paintball hoppers on the market that can help with such issues. You need to spend some extra money in order to get the best paintball loader, which can unjam during the game.


The size of the loader also affects your gameplay. You need to choose as per the requirements of the game. There are different sizes of hoppers available on the market; some are small, while others are large and can hold a good amount of paintball.

If you are playing in an event that requires a larger amount of paintball, you must go with a bigger size, which ultimately saves you time by not having to refill the loader with paintball. Such minor details improve your gameplay to a great extent.

Things you need to Check

There are many things you need to check before finalizing a paintball loader. Following are some of the key features you need to check when going for a fresh one.


The cost of the hopper plays an important role; if you want high-efficiency gear, you need to pay a high amount because it costs more than the normal one. It will boost the performance of your marker to a great extent and ultimately improve your gameplay.

Fire Rate

The frequency of fire is different in each type of hopper. You can find many options on the market. All have a different set of features. You should select the option with the highest fire rate.

Some of the top-performing hoppers on the market have a range of 15 to 20 paintballs per second. Some high-end products also provide up to 30 balls per second. You need to go with the option that has a high rate.


The lifespan of a gear is also important and plays an important role in finalizing the right choice. You can find many options for hoppers on the market; all have different sets of features and build quality.

Some hoppers are designed with low-quality materials and have a low lifespan, while others have more durability. It is a good investment to pay some extra for those gears that provide more durability.


The weight of a market is entirely determined by the weight of the hopper. The lightweight feature of a market is essential for playing freely and competing with enemies. Your hopper should have a lightweight feature because it will take your game to the next level.


You can find many design options for a hopper in the market. The ultimate goal of all the hoppers is to provide paintballs to the marker at a fast pace. You can choose the design to your liking after analyzing the other features carefully.


How many paintballs does a hopper hold?

Paintball hoppers hold 200 paintballs; there are few on the market that holds more than that, but most hold a maximum of 200. These are enough paintballs to play with for 2 hours.

What is a paintball hopper?

It is commonly known as a loader. The hopper’s primary function is to hold the paintballs until they are loaded into the chamber for firing.


We hope that after reading this article, you will be able to select the best paintball hopper at a reasonable price that has all of the features of a pro. It is recommended to go through the buying guide first, as it will help you choose the best one and also provide the necessary details you need to find the best option.

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