Best First Strike Paintball – Guns and Pistol

Best First Strike Paintball - Guns and Pistol

First Strike Paintball is a specialized type of ball, paintball gun, and accessories. These guns have a design that allows for increased accuracy and range. The paintballs use aerodynamic shape and fin stabilization.

Best First Strike Paintball

It is important to choose the right gears for the game as it ultimately increases your chances of winning the game. You can find a number of different options with different price tags and features. Following are some of the best options you can choose.

FS T15 PDW – Best Semi Auto First Strike Gun

The First Strike FS T15-PDW is a compact and versatile semi-automatic paintball marker with 0.68 Calibre. The gun has an 8.5 inches Bore Barrel made with Aluminum material. It is a lightweight gun that is less than 5 kilograms.

The dimension of T15 is ‎48.03 x 11.02 x 4.02 inches which makes it ideal to use and move. The style design of the T15 offers mobility and maneuverability which you can not find in traditional paintball guns.

The T15-PDW also known as First Strike Rounds are much more advanced level gun compared to others available in the market. It provides more velocity and accuracy which ultimately help you win the game.

FS T15 DMR – Best Value Advance Paintball Gun

It is another top-of-the-line paintball marker, it became popular among professional paintballers within a short span of time. The basic aim of this rifle is to provide more velocity and accuracy at the same time which they can not achieve with their traditional paintball guns.

The FS T15 is a semi-automatic rifle with a 14.5″ bore barrel and mock silencer. The quality of marker is of top quality as it is made with high-quality material. It also has the feature of an adjustable hop-up system which allows players to fine-tune their shot accuracy.

The T15 first-strike projectile is a top-quality paintball gun that provides players with improved accuracy, velocity, and versatility. It is easy to use as it is semi-automatic and equally good for both professionals and beginners.

FS Compact – Best First Strike Paintball Pistol

It is a lightweight, compact, and extremely accurate paintball pistol that is designed to be used in a variety of different shooting scenarios. The standout feature of the FSC is its accuracy as it is much more accurate than the usual markers.

The trigger system is responsive, allowing for precise and accurate shot placement. It is extremely lightweight and has dimensions of 10.04 x 7.52 x 2.4 inches, the movement is easy when you are using this while paintballing.

It is a Compact .68 Caliber Pistol available in silver color. You will receive Two 6-round magazines with the purchase of this gear. It is a reliable and durable pistol for paintball that you can get at a reasonable price.

Is First Strike Paintballs Different?

Paintballs for the first strike are slightly different from the traditional paintballs available in the market. It is made with photodegradable polystyrene with a design that is rounded from the front and cylindrical in the rear. The basic purpose of these paintballs is to provide more velocity and accuracy at the same time.

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These paintballs are .68 caliber, you can use any traditional gun which has the same caliber. In order to achieve the optimum results it is better to use first-strike paintball guns as they will provide more range and accuracy.

There are many benefits of using these upgraded paintballs as it not only increases your chances of winning the game but at the same time reduces the number of paintball fires as these are more accurate so you need fewer paintballs.


What is the difference between first-strike paintballs and regular paintballs?

The regular paintballs are made with gelatin and are rounded and spherical. On the other hand, first strike paintballs are made with photodegradable polystyrene and have a rounded front and cylindrical rear shape.

Are First Strike rounds more accurate?

Yes, they are more accurate than regular paintballs. The design of these rounds provides more velocity and accuracy.

Are First Strike paintballs Guns good for beginners?

Yes, they are equally good for professionals and beginners. You can easily use it like the traditional gun used in paintballing. The basic purpose of these guns is to increase the level of accuracy and velocity at the same time.


First Strike Paintballs Guns are advanced-level gears for those who want more accuracy of targets while playing the game. It is a good investment to improve your skill level as the technology used is much more advanced than the traditional one.

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